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How to Use the EGO-CE6 E-Cigarette (EGO-CE6)

On this page you'll Learn How-To:

  • Charge your EGO batteries
  • Replace the EGO-CE6 coil head on the Clearomizer
  • Fill the EGO-CE6 Clearomizer with e-liquid
  • Vape the EGO-CE6 Clearomizer

About the EGO-CE6 e-Cig

The EGO-CE6 is an exchangeable & detachable Clearomizer e-cig with a huge 2.4mL e-liquid capacity in its Tank. Almost all parts for the CE6 are interchangeable with the EGO-CE5 e-cig, including the batteries, charger, coil heads and cartomizer base. Only the Clearomizer tube and tip itself are different.

Based on the popular CE4, the EGO-CE6 is reliable and convenient, because all it's parts are easy to check, replace and clean yourself, keeping your e-cig working like new. All EGO series batteries work with the CE6 line of clearomizers.

Why You Should Choose The EGO-CE6:

  1. Huge vapor production with no leaking.
  2. Super easy to refill with e-liquid. Just take off the inhaler tip, drop in the desired amount of e-liquid, then reattach the inhaler tip.
  3. The CE6 has a huge e-liquid capacity with 2.4mL. This dramatically increases the time between refils. So more Vaping!
  4. It's easy to see how much nicotine you've inhaled using the integrated scale on side of tank.
  5. Designed for standard EGO batteries, giving a clean, finished look to your e-cig.
  6. Has even longer wicks for a more consistent flow of e-liquid to the coil in any position.
  7. Almost all accessories are interchangeable with CE5 models so no need to buy everything new! Just buy an EGO CE6 Clearomizer coil head and tube and will work with your existing CE5 parts.
  8. High-capacity batteries give even a heavy user 6 to 8 hours of use on a full charge. The MEGA battery is even larger with a massive 1100mAh capacity. That's over 14 hours of use. Upgrade to a Variable Voltage and increase your Vapor even more!

How to use EGO-CE6 e-Cigarette & Change parts

Change the coil head on the CE6 Clearomizer:

EGO-CE6 e-Cigarette

Step 1: Unscrew the EGO-CE6 clearomizer tube from the base.

EGO-CE6 eCig

Step 2: Unscrew the EGO-CE6/CE5 heating coil from the top of the base.

CE6 e-Cigarette

Step 3: Screw on a new EGO-CE6/CE5 heating coil head onto the Base again

CE6 eCigarette

Step 4: Screw the CE6 clearomizer tube back onto the CE6/CE5 Clearomizer base.

NOTE: The coil head might come loose from the base. If it does simply repeat steps and re-attach.

How to fill the EGO-CE6 Clearomizer with e-liquid

Step 1: Remove the lid from your e-liquid bottle. (If 10ml, cut off the plastic top)

EGO-CE6 e-Cig

Step 2: Unscrew the CE6 Tip from the Clearomizer.


Step 3: Using an eliquid bottle or other applicator, fill the CE6 Clearomizer by carefully pouring e-liquid down the side wall (NOTE: take care not to get any e-liquid in the center hole. That's for air flow.

EGO-CE6 eCigs

Step 4: Gently screw the tip back into the CE6 clearomizer, taking care not to over-tighten.

EGO-CE6 e-Cig

Note: Activate your EGO-CE6 e-cig by pressing the LED button on the battery and inhaling at the same time. Repeat vaping!

How to keep your EGO-CE6 e-Cigarette readyu fro use:

Attach your filled CE6 Clearomizer to the EGO battery. This will trigger a stand-by state.

EGO-CE6 e-Cig

How to charge any EGO Series Battery:

Juyst attach the EGO battery with the EGO-USB charger and plug it into any PC or AC-USB Adapter.


  1. The first charge should be kept for 8 hours, even if the LED light turns green.
  2. Then use your e-cig for 20 minutes.
  3. Charge the battery for another 1 hour.

Your EGO-battery is now ready use. For re-charging remember to charge for 3 hours, even if the LED light turns green.


EGO-CE6 Starter Kit Includes

  • (1) EGO CE6 Tip
  • (5) EGO CE5/CE6 Coil heads
  • (1) EGO CE6 Clearomizer Tube
  • (1) EGO CE5/CE6 Base
  • (2) EGO Batteries
  • (1) AC-USB adapter
  • (1) EGO-USB charger
  • (1) 10ml e-liquid