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  • Less Money

    Up-To 10x Less $$$ then Tobacco

  • No Tar

    There is No Smoke and No Tar

  • No Combustion

    E-Cigs do not use any Flame

  • Less Chemicals

    99.9% Less Chemicals

  • EGO-CE4 e-Cigarette

    EGO-CE4 e-Cigarette


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    The EGO-CE4 is helping thousands of people switch everyday. It is an easy to use eCigarette that only has the battery, and Clearomizer for parts. Just fill with e-Liquid and Vape. A great model for beginners.

    STARTER KIT INCLUDES: *1 EGO-CE4 Cartomizer *2 EGO Batteries *1 CE4 Tip *1 EGO USB Charger *1 Universal AC-USB Adapter *1 e-Liquid 10ml

  • E-Cigarette 510 + 10ml e-Liquid

    E-Cigarette 510 + 10ml e-Liquid


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    E-Cigarette 510 is very popular and a gateway model to any 510 or EGO Series e-Cigarette. Get this Combo kit with e-Liquid and enhance your e-cig experience. This is by far one of the most popular models in the industry. If you are looking for something that resembles the real thing, but still gives a good vapor, then the 510 is for you.

    Kit Includes:
    *1 EC510|EGO Atomizer *2 EC510 Batteries *1 AC/DC Charger *1 Power Cord *5 pc/pack EC510|EGO Pre-filled Cartridges *1 e-Liquid 10ml

  • eSmart 510 E-Cigarette

    eSmart 510 E-Cigarette


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    The eSmart 510 e-Cig is a new mod from the EGO|510 threading series e-Cigarettes. If the normal 510 is too small, and the EGO too large, the eSmart is just right. This model uses a 320mAh Battery and a skinny Clearomizer that holds 1.3ml e-Juice. The easy two piece design makes it another great model for beginners.

    KIT INLCUDES: *2 eSmart Tips *2 eSmart Batteries, *2 eSmart (1.3ml) Clearomizers, *1 AC-USB adapter, *1 eSmart USB Charger, *1 bottle e-Liquid/e-Juice 10ml

  • Mini ProTank e-Cigarette (EGO-ProTank)

    Mini ProTank e-Cigarette (EGO-ProTank)


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    The Mini ProTank e-Cigarette is an innovating piece of hardware with the latest Glassomizer designed for any EGO Series Battery. The new design uses Bottom Changeable Coils (BCC) that let gravity feed your atomizer with e-Liquid creating a consistent vape. This e-Cigarette is becoming one of our best sellers. Try Now!

    KIT INLCUDES: *1 Mini ProTank Glass Tube + Tip *1 ProTank Base, *5 ProTank Coils, *2 EGO Batteries (650mAh), *1 AC-USB adapter, *1 EGO USB charger, *1 bottle e-Liquid 10ml