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Even in the well-informed world of today, not everyone knows about the phenomenon that is electronic cigarettes. The E-Cigarette is increasing in popularity among all smokers.

Becoming available just a few years ago, an e-cigarette is an ingenious device. It is a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. In addition, electronic cigarettes are also an exceptional way of reducing your nicotine intake and eventually eliminating it altogether. But without having to give up the satisfying feeling of smoking.

These devices are helping people from all over the world switch from tobacco and save money. Take control of your smoking with convenient and affordable ECigs!

Why Should I Use eCigs?

Because ECigs don't use any combustion or tobacco they don't fall under the smoking bans in place in many countries (but be sure to check your local regulations). This means that smokers and those trying to quit finally have a viable Smoke-Free Alternative to lighting up in public!

No lighter. No tobacco. No odour. No unsightly ash or cigarette filters to dispose of. You get all the nicotine without any mess, hassle or compromise on flavor. It's the best smoke-free alternative!

ECigs represent a MASSIVE cost savings over regular tobacco cigarettes. E-liquid refills are affordable and readily available. Buy in bulk and save even more!

What Are eCigs?

ECigs are an innovative electronic device that allows you to experience the sensation of smoking with 99.9% less chemicals, no odour and no tar. Even better is that they're a fraction of the cost of regular cigarettes!

With eCigs, you get the taste of the cigarettes that you are used to with those that contain tobacco. However, they do not contain the harmful substances. Cravings are satisfied without inhaling dangerous toxins, such as tar and carbon monoxide. Just hold and puff on e-cigarettes like any other cigarette. These battery-operated, rechargeable devices use an atomizer to heat a nicotine eLiquid rapidly in a renewable chamber, which produces an inhalable vapor.

How Do eCigs Work?

Each E-Cig contains a small amount of E-Liquid and a proprietary mixture of water, nicotine Propylene Glycol and/or vegetable glycerine that gets atomized by eCigs. The resulting vapor is similar to the smoke produced by commercial fog machines (with nicotine added) and dissipates rapidly, with no lasting odour. The E-liquid vapor is a clean, cost-effective way to deliver nicotine with no mess or fire hazard. How-To Get Started With Your New eCigs Products and Accessories?

Electronic Cigarettes

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