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Are Electronic Cigarettes Bad For You?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Bad for you

It is no secret that electronic cigarettes are growing exponentially in popularity. For this reason, many people are wondering if e-cigarettes are safe, or if they are just as bad for you as smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Are electronic cigarette safe?

Currently, the evidence suggest that using electronic cigarettes is reasonably safer for you than the use of conventional cigarettes. One of the most significant hazards that is associated with smoking tobacco is the smoke itself.

However, with electronic cigarettes there is not any smoke because there is not anything actually burning. Therefore, the amount of deadly chemicals that are being released by an electronic cigarette are much lower in comparison to traditional cigarettes that burn tobacco.

Many people who are enthusiastic about the use of electronic cigarettes say that they are able to skip the use of regular cigarettes, which have several dangers that are well-documented. Therefore, many health advocates today are all for using e-cigarettes. A number of researchers and even doctors believe that electronic cigarettes are actually quite safe.

Common Myths about the Safety of e-Cigarettes

It is quite likely that you have heard a wide variety of speculation and rumors in regards to the use of electronic cigarettes. These days, there seems to be myths surrounding practically everything and ecigs are no exception.

The only way to really get the truth is to take the time to learn as much as possible about electronic cigarettes. In order to decide if electronic cigarettes are bad for you or not, you must first be able to distinguish the fact from fiction and the truth from whoopla.

One of the most common myths floating around out there is that electronic cigarettes are bad simply because they contain nicotine and nicotine is bad. Some have even gone as far to say that the vapor of ecigs is not much different than the smoke from a regular cigarette.

This myth could not be farther from the truth. Although nicotine is a very addictive substance, the effects on the body are slight. The fact is that the problem with regular cigarettes are the chemicals, smoke and additives, not the nicotine in them at all.

Another popular myth is electronic cigarettes cause cancer. This is simply not the truth. In fact, a number of studies have emerged that effectively dispel this myth. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco, nor do they leave behind any tar. Therefore, the primary components of cigarette smoke that cause cancer are not present, which means the use of electronic cigarettes is not likely to increase the risk for cancer.

Even though the research into the safety of electronic cigarettes is ongoing. The evidence that has been produced so far is quite positive. This is especially the case when compared to the dangers of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

With electronic cigarettes, everybody wins. In addition to being safer for the one using the e-cigarettes, they are also safer for all of the people around them. The vapor from electronic cigarettes does not produce any constituent or byproducts, nor is there anything to offend bystanders.