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Electronic Cigarettes with Chamber

When you think back to the early days of vaping, most will recall the small to moderately-sized table top units. Everyone was in awe of the amount of vapor production that came out of a single hit and just as impressed with the resulting affects. Now, consumers are looking for a convenient way to enjoy their dry herbs on the go.

Electronic Cigarettes with Chambers

Electronic cigarettes with chambers are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy vaping their favorite herbs while playing beach volleyball, skiing down a mountain, hanging out on the couch at home and just about anywhere else. These devices are create with the need for style and discretion in mind.

These advanced vaporizers heat up your favorite dried tobacco or other dry herbs evenly in a closed chamber. In addition, the aroma released is minimized. There is no need to mess around with lighters, papers, butane or the long wait for the device to become heated adequately. Minimal assembly is required and within seconds of taking the device out of the box, you are ready to fill it, press power and enjoy.

You Asked and They Listened

Ecig manufacturers have listened to the input of consumers and have introduced new and improved electronic cigarette models with chambers for dry herbs. You get a secure mouthpiece, chamber, filter and efficient heating element.

The atomizer in these models features a bowl that heats up the dry herbs. Above the bowl, there is a screen that keeps any ashes from making it to your mouth. To top it all off, it also features a mouthpiece made of soft rubber that makes the vaping experience a pure delight. Some versions even come complete with a cleaning tool that makes it easy to maintain your device.

Convenient and Easy to Use

These electronic cigarettes with chambers are designed for use with the eGo batteries. Keep in mind, however, that it is wise to prime your eGo battery. Once you load the dry herb into the chamber, simply press down and hold the power button until the light begins to blink. This means that it is all heated up and you are ready to enjoy vaping as usual.

It is important to note that the herbs will not be heated instantly. Therefore, there is no cause for concern if it takes a moment or two before the production of vapor begins.

An electronic cigarette with chamber fulfills the need for style and discretion when enjoying tobacco and other herbs. In fact, this is the most convenient way to vape dry herbs.

Some electronic cigarettes feature chambers that provide an affordable and effective way to vape oils and other substances. These products offer users with a personal vaporizer that allows you to discretely enjoy whatever it is that you want to vape from dry tobacco to essential oils and everything in between.

Vaping does not produce the same pungent order as smoking. Therefore, you can smoke without detection or ostracization. In addition, the hits are generally much more potent than with smoking.