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Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes

Want to start selling E-Cig Products? Join our Wholesale Program and start benefiting from our Hot Selling E-Cigarette line Today!

How it works

We have created a convenient way to buy eCigs online at wholesale for retailers, entrepreneurs, vendors, or anyone wishing to Sell Electronic Cigarette products. For as low as $250, you can begin building sales & making Money. You pick any products up-to MOQ

Minimum Order Quantity for Wholesalers

Review below details for Minimum Order of Products.

First Order Only: Required Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is $250 @ Wholesale Pricing

All Future Wholesale Orders: Required MOQ is $500 @ Wholesale Pricing - Resellers expected to maintain $500 average per order.

NOTE: Dropshipping can be arranged for resellers with out of area sales. Resellers accounts are disabled for any Discounts or Coupons, and not permitted to use.


To apply for the Wholesale Program, just Create an Account and message us stating you would like to be upgraded to Supplier Status. Once set-up is complete, we will send you confirmation with Price Guides.

Reseller Marketing Material

Once enrolled in our Wholesale Program, we will also offer access to all marketing material, like Posters, Business Card, and more.

Products for Wholesale

All products on our website are available at Wholesale Price. To get a copy of our Wholesale Price Guide, please Contact Us.

Wholesale e-Cigs Wholesale e-Cigarettes