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How To Use E-Cigarette USB Passthrough Battery

A USB pass-through battery is also available for e-cigarettes which attaches directly to the atomizer (figure 1). Insert a cartridge into the atomizer normally (figure 2, figure 3) and then plug the passthrough battery into a USB port on your computer or the AC to USB adapter (figure 4).

  • Figure 1

    How to use E-Cigarette USB Passthrough battery
  • Figure 2

    E-Cigarette Passthrough battery
  • Figure 3

    Passthrough battery
  • Figure 4

    usb Passthrough battery

The USB Passthrough Battery

The major benefits of using electronic cigarettes are all of the amazing accessories that you can use with your device. If you purchase a starter kit with your e-cigarette, you will receive some accessories, such as a car and wall charger. However, one accessory that you may not be familiar with is the USB passthrough battery.

A Passthrough Battery - What Is It?

A passthrough battery is an innovative device that you can used instead of your normal electronic cigarette battery. A wire is attached to the passthrough battery that will plug directly into a USB port which draws power.

Just like with any other type of electronic cigarette battery, a number of different types of passthrough batteries are out there that you may want to try. Like normal ecig batteries, you can choose from automatic passthrough batteries or manual passthrough batteries. There are manual and automatic passthrough batteries and you will also find that there some passthroughs that use inline batteries, while there are others that don’t.

The electronic cigarette passthrough batteries that use an inline batter are in fact powered by a battery. A battery will supply the atomizer of the ecig with power. However, the battery will be charged constantly as long as it is connected to the USB power supply.

This way, you can be sure that as you use your electronic cigarette while it is connected to a USB port, you will always be running it off of a battery that is fully charged. You will be provided with the same experience consistently as if you were using your PV with a stock battery that was fully charged.

The Benefits of a Passthrough Battery

A passthrough battery that uses a direct line to the USB are able to deliver a higher voltage than what you would get with just a standard electronic cigarette battery. In some cases, this will mean that the atomizer may heat up to a little higher temperature and the ecig will produce somewhat more of a kick. Keep in mind that not all passthrough electronic cigarette batteries are the same, so you can expect some variations among the performances of the different models.

One of the greatest benefits of using the passthrough battery with your ecig device is that it can be charged from either end. On one end of the passthrough battery, there is a USB port that you can connect to a portable power unit, computer, laptop or even a video game console. The button on the battery will be green if the voltage is higher than 3.9 volts. It is higher than 3.6 volts if the light is blue. A red light will let you know that the voltage is under 3.6 volts. A red light that flashes quickly for about ten seconds will indicate that the voltage is under 3.3 volts.

In the meantime, you will be able to charge the battery with an ordinary USB charger. This will give you the freedom to continue to enjoy your electronic cigarette and charge it at the same time.

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