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AeroTank MEGA BDC Clearomizer Set (Clone)

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Ohm Resistance

The AeroTank MEGA Clearomizer uses new updated Bottom Dual Coils (BDC) so that the wicks do not show. This helps to prevent leaks. It is a large Clearomizer that holds 3.8 ml of e-Liquid and comes with a Pyrex Glass and Stainless tank for you to choose.

  • 1 AeroTank Drip-Tip
  • 1 Pyrex Glass Tube & Top Cap
  • 1 Replacement Stainless Steel Tube
  • 2 Bottom Dual Coils BDC (Updated Versions)
  • 1 AeroTank MEGA Adjustable Airflow Base
  • 1 EGO Threaded Beauty Ring
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    Product Properties More Details

    Product Details

    e-Liquid Capacity
    3.8 ml
    Any EGO and/or 510 Threaded Battery
    1 Full Tank = 55 Tobacco Cigarettes Approx
    Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass
    Puffs per full Clearomizer
    150 g

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    Average rating:

    (based upon 3 reviews)

    Good quality product

    Good quality product. I can't go without my AeroTank MEGA BDC Clearomizer Set! I use it everyday and got so many benefit of it. The Clearomizer made by Pyrex Glass and it was strong. I will buy another e-Liquid from unlimitedecigs.

    Good quality of product

    I stumbled upon unlimitedecigs quite by accident from an Internet Search Engine list of QUALITY and PRICE REVIEWS. Needless to say, right out of the gate I ordered the AeroTank MEGA BDC Clearomizer Set from them. I ordered on late Sunday night 11PM, and got my order in the mail by Wednesday afternoon. Good quality of product.

    Great customer service and quick shipping

    Great customer service and quick shipping. I got my AeroTank MEGA BDC Clearomizer Set and it works very good. I'm amazed by UnlimitedECigs. This is a highly recommend eCig store and their products are always well made.