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Your Buyers Guide for the Best e-Liquid in 2015

If you are one of the many smokers who have decided to stop smoking and switch to e-cigarettes it is important that you choose the best e-Liquid to use with your e-cigarette. It is important that you find out about the actual ingredients and which e-Liquids are regarded as safe and will offer you with a more enjoyable 'vaping' experience.

Below is some advice on choosing e-Liquids that are safe and offer a good taste with adequate amounts of vapor.

1. Check the Nicotine Levels

Most manufacturers will measure the nicotine content in e-Liquid in milligrams.The nicotine levels are measured by the amount of nicotine to the millilitre of liquid. In addition, many of these liquids produced today have no nicotine and are just flavors that you can use to satiate your taste buds in a safer way.

2. The Measurements of Nicotine in e-Liquid

Reputable suppliers of the best e-Liquids ensure that the nicotine levels are measured in the correct amounts. The e-cigarettes are designed to heat up the liquid and then convert the liquid into a vapor. If you inhale the vapor the nicotine will be absorbed by your blood and this will reach your brain.

3. The Reason for Flavored e-Liquids
Best e-Liquid

Manufacturers use flavors in their e-Liquids to provide a fun and safe way for you the smoker to leave your normal smoking habits. These flavors can mean you are able to try out a variety tastes and find a substitute from the cigarettes you used to smoke. Many of the e-Liquids produced can resemble or hold similarities to a number of tobacco flavors.

4. Will using e-Liquids put an End to Smoking Habits?

It is important to know that e-cigarettes are not regarded as ‘smoking cessation’ devices. They are designed as an alternative for individuals who may have a profound addiction to smoking tobacco. The e-cigarette can help you to replace your physical actions when you inhale, the same way you would on an analog. The nicotine levels in the liquid may be able to satisfy your need for normal cigarettes.

5. Are e-Liquids considered Safe?

Smoking of normal cigarettes has been linked to a number of health hazards such as heart disease, lung cancer and pulmonary diseases. E-Liquids have not been regarded as safe or unsafe and it is best that you research the e-Liquids you would like to use on the additives and ingredients that are present. Reputable suppliers/manufacturers will provide these details

6. The Best Types of e-Liquids

It depends on the e-Cig device your are using, but we recommend that you select an eLiquid that contains either 60/40 VG/PG, or 70/30PG/VG and that the nicotine additive is pharmaceutical grade 99% pure. These ingredients must be used in the right types of proportions. It is recommended to source e-Liquid that has been tested by an reputable international testing body, like SGS.

There are various suppliers available for e-cigarettes and e-Liquids. You can find out about the best e-Liquids by asking the producer a lot of questions about it's quality, production methods and be sure to always purchase your products from reputable suppliers who have products that have been approved and certified.

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