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How To Choose the Best eCig?

If you are looking for the best eCig, one of the first questions that come to the mind is "what brand or model should I choose?". There are countless brands of eCigs in the market today. All of them are not of top quality. Hence choosing the best model or brand should be done after some extensive research. We have done the difficult part of the job and researched the best e-cigarette brands and models out there. This article will help you to choose the best e-cigarette in the market today.

EGO-T Review

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E-cigarette tanks have become popular since the first tank: EGO-T was released. The main attraction to tanks is the greater e-juice capacity and easy filling capabilities. Tanks don't have any filler materials like cartomizers. This helps to store more e-juice in a tank which equals more puffing and less refilling. The EGO-T has great vapor production and you will be literally exhaling clouds not smoke. The transparent tank will help to see the exact amount of e-juice remaining and you will not need to be guessing like in other cartomizers. Refilling is easy. Just pull the tank out, fill it and push it back. No complicated stuff here. The multi-chamber mouth-piece prevents liquid drops spilling on your lips or on the mouth. All the kits of eGo-T will be using 650 mAh+ batteries and you will get hours and hours of vaping. The soft touch coating makes the ecig feels good and looks great. The disadvantages are: the flavors don't come through very strong and the throat hit is slightly diminished. Plus, be sure to get replacements caps because once they wear, they can begin to leak.

EGO-W Review

The EGO-W has the same battery as every other e-cigarette made under the EGO brand. It has a small cigar shaped battery with a 510 connection capable of supporting all atomizers or cartomizers. This best ecig tank cartomizer is transparent can the e-liquid could be seen from outside. The tank is easy to fill and holds a lot of e-liquid. The appearance and design are great with the cartomizer, cover and pen cap. The cool, mild vapor might be instant hit with some folks. The price is reasonable compared to the high quality of the product. The disadvantage is again with the throat hit, which is fairly low.

EGO-CE4 Review

Connecting and dismantling the CE4 product is quite easy. There is about 1.6 ml of e-liquid which can last all day long. The battery life is considerably higher than most other brands. The odorless vapor emitted from the product gives the nicotine touch to its users. The transparent tank will help to refill it easily. This Clearomizer model gives great Vapor production and gives a nice throat hit. The only disadvantage is that the tips are fragile and must use carefully to avoid damage.

Mini e-Cigarette EC103 Review

The mini e-cigarette EC103 is a mini e-cigarette which is quite popular among its users. The starter kit comes with 1 EC103 atomizer, two EC103 batteries, one USB charger, and a 5 pack of pre-filled cartridges. The mini e-cigarette is ideal for smokers who are switching to the e-cigarette from the traditional tobacco cigarette as it looks and feels the same in the hand.

Pen Tank e-Cigarette EC112-T Review

The pen tank e-cigarette is the first mod for the pen style e-cig. It is designed similar to the tank model. The e-juice will be dripped directly on to the cartomizer. The package include: 1 EC112-T atomizer, two EC112-T batteries, one USB charger, 5 pack EC112-T pre-filled cartridges and a 10 ml e-liquid.

The above reviewed are some of the best brands of e-cigarettes in the market today. Isn't it about time you gave them a try?

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