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510 Disposable E-Cigarette (Blister Pack)

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e-Liquid Flavor

The 510 disposable e-cigarette uses the same parts as a standard E-Cigarette 510 only it uses disposable Cartomizers which are atomizer and cartridge combined. No need to buy both. Batteries are rechargeable and Cartos are refillable.

KIT INCLUDES: *1 EC 510 Rechargeable Battery *3 EC 510-C Filled Cartomizers - Contain 1ml e-Liquid each *1 USB Charger(reusable)

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Product Properties How-To Guide

Product Details

Charge time
Normal Voltage
Puffs per Cartridge
250 mouthfuls
1 Cartomizer = 15 tobacco cigarettes
Content of battery
180 mAh
6 months on Hardware | 3 Months on Cartomizers
77 g

How To Use 510 Disposable E-Cigarette

This version of 510 Series e-Cigs combinds both cartridge and atomizer as one unit, called a Cartomizer. It holds about 1 mL of e-liquid, and can be refilled and recharged to enjoy over and over!

A Guide for your 510 Disposable eCig

To begin using your 510 Disposable/Reusable e-Cigarette, remove the rubber cover (figure 1) and attach the battery to the integrated cartridge/atomizer unit (figure 2). Push the manual button for a few seconds (figure 3). Note that if you hold the manual button down for more than 5 seconds the LED light will flash 4 times and the power will be shut down to prevent overheating. If this happens wait at least 3 seconds and try again.

  • Figure 1

    Basics of 510 disposable e cig
  • Figure 2

    Learn about using your 510 e-Cig
  • Figure 3

    The 510 Disposable e-Cigarette manual

Charging the 510 Battery:

It's time to charge the battery when your e-cigarette stops producing smoke and the LED flashes 8 times. To charge it, all you need to do is carefully thread the battery into the charger (figure 4) and wait for the battery LED to flash three times. The indicator light on the charger will turn from green to red to show you it's charging. Once charging is complete the indicator light will turn green again, usually in about 3 hours. The charger works with all North American and European household voltages (100 to 240V, 50/60Hz).

  • Figure 4

    charging 510 ecig battery

Refilling an Empty Cartomizer with e-Liquid:

Although an empty 510 cartomizer cartridge can hold about 1 ml of liquid, we don't recommend filling it with more than 0.9 ml of e-liquid at a time. For older or used 510/eGo cartomizer cartridges we recommend refilling with only 0.4 ml of e-liquid.

To refill an empty cartomizer, begin by removing the rubber cover (figure 5), then taking out the plastic cover on the top of the cartomizer (figure 6). Take out the rubber washer (figure 7) and insert your syringe into the side (note: not the center) of the 510|EGO cartomizer to inject the e-liquid (figure 8). Reassemble the washer, cover and rubber cover and you're ready to go!

  • Figure 5

    Fill 510 Cartomizer with e-Liquid
  • Figure 6

    510 e-Cigarettes
  • Figure 7

    510 e cig
  • Figure 8

    learn about your 510 ecigs

Disposable 510 How-To Video

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Average rating:

(based upon one review)


I bought 6 of these for stocking stuffer at christmas and all of them liked it, 5 quit smoking only use this now u can refill them