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VAMO V5 ECig Mod

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The Vamo V5 is a durable, sleek, eCig mod with Variable output of either Watts or Volts. This new reliable, full featured e-Cigarette is very well built with the same features as the V3 but body of the V2: (Body Only). See Vamo V5 Kits with a Nautilus BDC, or a AeroTank MEGA here.

  • Variable Voltage: 3.0V to 6.0V
  • Variable Wattage: 3.0W to 15.0W
  • 0.75" OLED display screen
  • Atomizer Resistance(ohm) Reader
  • Check voltage, wattage and current
  • 5-clicks on/off
  • Compatible with any 510|EGO atomizers cartomizers, and/or Clearomizers
Click the links for either an 18650 Battery, or 18350 Battery.

Product Properties How-To Guide More Details

Product Details

Power Bank
6 Months | 180 Days
Stainless Steel
Variable Voltage
3 - 6 Volts
Variable Wattage
3 - 15 Watts
Compatible Batteries
18650 & 18350
Anything with 510|EGO Threads
Ohm Reader
Battery Life Display
198 g

How To Use Vamo V5 eCig Mod

Vamo V5

Even though it is a full featured electronic cigarette system, the Vamo V5 is actually quite affordable. It is available in three different finishes, which includes chrome, brushed stainless steel and black anodized. While the brushed stainless steel may cost a little more, many people believe that it is worth every dime that you spend on it. Both the finish as well as the fit are ideal with the Vamo V5. All of the threads are incredibly smooth and fit together quite nicely.

Ease and Comfort

The Vamo V5 is a full extension ecig system. It features a ring at the top, a bottom cap and the extension tube. It comes well packaged with detailed instructions for use and care. For just a little bit more than what you would pay for an eGo battery, you will get an exceptional vaping experience that you are sure to appreciate.

You can use the Vamo V5 electronic cigarette with a single 18650 battery, a single 18350 battery or two 18350 batteries stacked. If you want to use the single 18350 battery, then all you have to do is take out the extension. You will have a sleek style that is just the right size to fit in your hand comfortably.

With the single 18350 battery and no extension, the device measures just over a hundred millimeters from the very top to the bottom. That means that is will actually be somewhat shorter than the 1300 eGo battery. Using the extension will increase the length by just over thirty millimeters. In addition, the Vamo V5 is one of the smallest diameter devices available, measuring just over twenty millimeters.

Performance and Operation

For many of the Vamo V5 users, the simplicity of the device is the strongest point. The controls are about as easy-to-use and straightforward as any other device that is currently on the market.

The Vamo V5 features three different buttons, which include the primary firing button and two smaller buttons that you can use to adjust the various controls. You can use the two buttons one at a time to adjust the wattage or voltage setting higher or lower. Holding down the left button will allow you to see the battery voltage, while holding the right will provide you with a resistance readout.

In order to get to the system options, all you have to do is hold both of the buttons down, scroll with the left button and make your selections with the right button. It is easy and quick to figure out the Vamo V5 electronic cigarette system and the horizontal screen makes it possible to simply adjust your ecig when it is in an upright position.

The Vamo V5 is an awesome device, especially when you take into consideration the affordability in comparison to some of the other advanced personal vaporizers in the same category. By no means is it the perfect device, but it is an excellent performer with no major complaints from those who have tried it.

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Average rating:

(based upon 4 reviews)

Five star for VAMO V5 ECig Mod

VAMO V5 ECig Mod is my favorite e-cig kit! This kit is durable and sleek. I enjoy it every time I used it. My best tried it and decided to buy one from unlimitedecigs. Five star for VAMO V5 ECig Mod.

I'll be back for more!

Fastest shipping around for ecig suppliers! I've used several different sites, local retailers, and even out of state retailers and none comes close to unlimitedecigs's customer service, and product quality. All smokers should try VAMO V5 ECig Mod, and all ecig users should try unlimitedecigs! Thanks again guys, and I'll be back for more!

I could not ask for better prices

I could not ask for better prices and the shipping was fast. I love my VAMO V5 ECig Mod and am planning to purchase another one in the near future on UnlimitedECigs. After much research I soon discovered that buying starter kits from this site is cheaper than other places. I WILL be doing business with you again and tell my friends too.


I have used it for a few weeks now and all I can say is this is extremely well made, I like the stainless steel body which does not scratch easy in the pocket and the same with the button.. quality all the way. It fits all my 510 atomizers I have so no problem with customization :) now the battery I have is 18650 and as a chain vapor kinda guy so I stay clear from the tabaco the battery lasts "Me" almost two days :D WOW. There's so much more to it like volts and watts but I wanted to share my review as I am very impressed! Great job.