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E-Cigarette 901-Tank (EC 901-T)

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e-Liquid Flavor

The E-Cigarette 901-Tank is our first 901 mod. Comes with MEGA 901 batteries and special atomizer for dripping with 901-Tank Cartridges. 901 & 510 Tank's use same Cartridges.

KIT INCLUDES: *1 EC901-T Atomizer *2 MEGA-901 Batteries *1 USB Charger *1 AC/USB Adapter *5 pc/pack EC901-Tank Pre-filled Cartridges *1 E-Liquid 10ml

Product Properties How-To Guide

Product Details

Charge time
2-2.5 hours
Device Weight
45g (w/ battery)
1 Cartridge = 19 normal cigarettes
Package dimension
198X88X53 mm
Normal Voltage
Puffs per Cartridge
280 mouthfuls
e-Liquid per Cartridge
158mm (w/ cartridge)
Fully charged battery life
250 mouthfuls
All 901 mods. EC510 & EC901 Cartridges are interchangeable
Content of battery
280 mAh
180 days | 6 months (Hardware Only)
335 g

How To Use The E-Cigarette 901-T

The EC901-T tank system e-cigarette builds on the EC901, delivering increased battery life, more liquid capacity and easier tank filling using a new cartridge that doesn't contain traditional tissue absorbent.

To begin using your new 901-Tank E-Cig, thread the atomizer and battery together (figure 1), then remove an EC901-T cartridge from the packaging (remember that the EC510-T and EC901-T use the same tank cartridge). Remove the rubber cover and cap from the cartridge (figure 2). Open a bottle of e-liquid by cutting the nozzle tip off and carefully drip liquid into the cartridge until full (figure 3). Reinstall the cap, then screw down the old inhaler and insert the filled cartridge into the atomizer (figure 4).

Note: The EC901-T is only activated when you press the LED button. You should always press the LED button and inhale at the same time.

  • Figure 1

    Using eCig 901-t
  • Figure 2

    e-cigarette 901-t Cartridges need e-liquid
  • Figure 3

    filling 901-tank ecigarettes with ejuice
  • Figure 4

    901-tank e-Cigarettes

Charging the MEGA 901 Battery:

It's time to charge the battery when your e-cigarette stops producing smoke and the LED flashes 8 times. To charge it, all you need to do is carefully thread the battery into the charger (figure 5) and wait for the battery LED to flash three times. The indicator light on the charger will turn from green to red to show you it's charging. Once charging is complete the indicator light will turn green again, usually in about 3 hours. The charger works with all North American and European household voltages (100 to 240V, 50/60Hz).

Figure 5

Charging 901-T Batteries

How To 901-T Video:

ECigarette EC901-T optional accessories:

  • E-Juice
  • E-Cig 901 Atomizer (901)
  • E-cigarette Delrin Drip-Tip (901/510/eGo)
  • ECig 901 Cartridge /Manual Battery (EC901)
  • 901 USB Battery (BE401/M401)/ Auto or Manual version
  • Universal AC-USB Adapter
  • Portable Case PCC (901/103/401/510)
  • EC901 Blank Cartridges 5X
  • 901 USB Charger

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