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E-Cigarette 510 (EC510)

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e-Liquid Flavor

This model of Electronic Cigarette is manual and only requires the push of a button. The E-Cigarette 510 is one of the most popular model in the industry and was the first to offer eCigs with a button. Almost everything in the industry now originated from this model, like the EGO series e-cigs. Scroll Page For How-To Guide.

KIT INCLUDES: *1 EC510|EGO Atomizer *2 EC510 Batteries *1 AC/DC Charger *1 Power Cord & *5 pc/pack EC510|EGO Pre-filled Cartridges

Product Properties How-To Guide More Details

Product Details

Charge time
Device Weight
15g (w/ battery)
1 Cartridge = 18 normal cigarettes
Package dimension
Normal Voltage
Puffs per Cartridge
180 mouthfuls
e-Liquid per Cartridge
118mm (w/ cartridge)
Fully charged battery life
200 mouthfuls
JOYE510/ BE510/ Titan510/ TECC510
Content of battery
180 mAh
180 days | 6 months (Hardware Only)
300 g

How To Use E-Cigarette 510

To enjoy your new E-Cigarette 510, simply attach the battery by threading it into the atomizer (figure 1). Then unscrew the inhaler, remove a cartridge from its protective packaging (figure 2) and insert it into your mini e-cigarette (figure 3). Push the manual button for a few seconds (figure 4). Note that if you hold the manual button down for more than 5 seconds the LED light will flash 4 times and the power will be shut down to prevent overheating. If this happens wait at least 3 seconds and try again.

  • Figure 1

    Using your 510 e-cigarette
  • Figure 2

    Refill 510 Cartridges with e-Liquid
  • Figure 3

    Remove 510 ecig atomizer
  • Figure 4

    Drip e-Juice to 510 e-cig

Charging the 510 Battery:

It's time to charge the battery when your e-cigarette stops producing smoke and the LED flashes 8 times. To charge it, all you need to do is carefully thread the battery into the charger (figure 5) and wait for the battery LED to flash three times. The indicator light on the charger will turn from green to red to show you it's charging. Once charging is complete the indicator light will turn green again, usually in about 3 hours. The charger works with all North American and European household voltages (100 to 240V, 50/60Hz).

  • Figure 4

    Charging your 510 e-Cig Battery

510 E-Cig How-To Video

Starter Kit for the 510 eCig Include:

  • 1 510 Atomizer (EC510)
  • 2 510 Battery (EC510)
  • 1 510 AC Charger(EC510)
  • 1 Power cord
  • 5pcs 510 cartridge (EC510)

E-Cigarette 510 Related Products:

E-Cig 510

If you are interested in an inexpensive electronic cigarette, then you need to try the e-Cig 510. The options for light e-cigarettes resemble an actual tobacco cigarette more than some of the other available models. You get the same feeling as if you are holding the real thing. Many people are quite found of the familiarity, which makes it even easier to make the switch to vaping.

With a light e-Cigarette like the e-Cig 510, you still get a pug that is really good. However, it is not as good as what you would expect to get out of a medium or heavy model of electronic cigarette. In addition, the batteries on the light models are smaller, which makes them more portable than other models.

The e-Cig 510 is one of the greatest models of electronic cigarette to have ever been invented. It was the first model to use a button that makes is much easier for users to control the production of vapor. This model is an excellent entry level e-cig and for quite some time was the most popular style.

An Oldie but Still a Goodie

The e-Cig 510 has been around for quite some time, which means that is a tried and true e-cigarette. It is recommended by many for anyone who is looking to make the switch from real tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Since its release, the e-Cig 510 has remained to be a popular choice for new vapers.

This model of electronic cigarette uses a manual battery, which many vapers absolutely love. Once you use the e-Cig 510, you will never want to purchase an electronic cigarette without a manual battery. It is a lightweight device that will fit nicely in your pocket.

Amazing Flavor

Users of the e-Cig 510 are pleased with the fact that you can drip the eLiquid directly onto the atomizer. Many vapers have found the production of vapor to be quite enjoyable when dripping. You will be surprised at just how much flavor you get out of the eLiquid that you use in your e-Cig 510.

When using your e-Cig 510, use your favorite eJuice, or feel free to mix it up to find a new favorite flavor. Do not be afraid to try several different flavors with various PG/VG ratios until you find the ones that you like best. You will find that practically all eLiquids do quite well with the e-Cig 510.

Nicely Priced

With all that you get when you choose the e-Cig 510, you will find that it is an excellent deal. You get the look and feel of a real cigarette with the enjoyable flavor that you can only get from an electronic cigarette. It is like you are getting the best of both worlds in an amazingly affordable package.

The e-Cig 510 requires only the push of a button to enjoy. You will quickly understand the reason that this model has been a long standing favorite in the electronic cigarette industry and has several different mods, such as the eGo series.


Average rating:

(based upon 3 reviews)

First e-Cigarette

This is my first ECig. Just purchased it 2 days into it and I love the way it makes me feel like I've had a cigarette but without the smoke and coughing!!

Best eCig that helped me switch

This model was the greatest buy for me. I used disposables ecigs(from gas station) before and they didn't meet my needs(sucked) and I almost gave up on the technology. The EC510 gave me an AWESOME PUFF I could control with the manual button. Plus it led me onto other 510 series and then upgraded to EGO series models which gave even better puffs. Thanks to Unlimited eCigs, I no longer smoke and just use e-Cigarettes. Thanks a bunch!!!!

My First eCig Model

For me this was the game changer......with this eCig I was able to get the puff I wanted without the smell of real cigarettes.....I cant believe how bad they made me smell... Like I said, the E-Cigarette 510 started it all..... Thanks Unlimited eCigs