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e-Liquid 500ml

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e-Liquid Flavor

Get a year supply of e-liquid, or sell e-Liquid to your friends who don't want to buy online. Either way, this is the best way to use e-cigs! Shop here and Save money.

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Product Properties

Product Details

Equivalent To
8750 Tobacco Cigarettes
Cost Savings in Tobacco
Save approx $4250+
Shelf Life
6 months to 1 Year (Longer if Refrigerated)
658 g

Average rating:

(based upon 4 reviews)

The best out there

The best juice out there ( period ) Try it, you can't deny it! A perfect mix every time.


After using this juice exclusively for the last 3 years I was forced to buy from a canadian maker and wow I was so disappointed in the price! quality, taste and it ruined my atomizer quick.. I ordered enough juice now so that never happens again! The ONLY juice I use and the best price around!!

Thank you for great quality product :)


I've been using this stuff for a few years now and have found none better. The flavor is consistent batch to batch. The liquid burns cleanly and satisfies all my needs. Every now and then I try something new but nothing matches the pleasure I get from this product.


Soooo much juice great flavour and price