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EGO-CE4 e-Cig (Blister Pack)

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This is a real EGO-CE4 e-Cigarette in a Blister Pack. Customers can try at a lower cost then a Full Kit. Requires e-Liquid to function. DOES NOT COME WITH E-LIQUID
Kit Includes: *1 EGO (650 mAh) Battery, *1 CE4 Clearomizer, *1 EGO USB Charger

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Product Properties How-To Guide

Product Details

Charge time
2-2.5 Hours
1 Full Cartomizer = 28 tobacco cigarettes
Fully charged battery life
800 mouthfuls
Puffs per Cartridge
400 Mouthfulls
E-Liquid per Cartridge
1.6 ml
Normal Voltage
3.6v - 4.2v
Content of battery
650 mAh
6 months (Battery & Charger Only) | 3 months on Cartomizer
78 g

EGO-CE4 Blister Kit How-To Video


Average rating:

(based upon one review)

Not to shabby

My son bought me this for me to try and I was very skeptical at first..., now I am very impressed with it and just might buy a full kit and switch as I enjoy the tobacco flavour more than these old burning cigs. I am sold on using inside as it's cold where I live and I smoke outside.