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A Look at the EGO eCigarettes Range

More and more smokers are opting to move over to eCigarettes because they are cheaper than traditional cigarettes, are acceptable to smoke in a wider range of places, and produce significantly lower odours. There are many different kinds of EGO eCigarettes, and each make and model is aimed at a different kind of smoker.

The EGO eCigarettes range include:


The EGO-T was an early generation tank based e-cigarette. The tank offers faster delivery than the original design of e-cigarette, ensuring stronger and more efficient nicotine hits. This cigarette was one of the early generations of drip-based e-cigarettes, and it is a good way to get started with this technology. But since then there have been much improvements with mods below.


The EGO W Electronic Cigarettes is a discrete and fashionable eCigarette that looks a lot like a fountain pen when you first see it. This eCigarette is easy to use, and can be refilled without having to disassemble the cartomizer. The eCigarette may use a 1100mAH battery and can be purchased as part of a package that includes a USB charger, wall charger, batteries, mouth pieces and other essentials to help you get started.


The EGO CE4 is a relatively new eCigarette, and is great for novice vapers to start with. This eCigarette is popular with heavy smokers, because it is long-lasting and convenient to use. The CE4 stores the eLiquid in a tank with a good seal to prevent leakage. This eCigarette uses Clearomizer technology to provide efficient vapor delivery. Clearo's are cleaner and more efficient than atomizers. This is a "pocket friendly" eCigarette.


EGO eCigarettes

The CE6 is the best top loading e-Cigarette on the market. It produces great vapor quality and one of the most recommended mods to try. It is an affordable, no-frills, easy to use electronic cigarette, and the starter kit includes everything that you need to get started. It has a large e-liquid storage tank so no need to fill often. The great thing about this model is all pieces are easily changed when needing replaced so you don't have to spend a fortune in upkeep. Just pour your juice, seal the tank and begin Vaping clouds.


The ProTank is an improved version of the EGO Series are revolutionary in design. It offers all of the benefits of it predecessors , but with modded coil loading. The ProTank features a coil at the bottom, which prevents leakage and improves the delivery system even more. In addition, thanks to the variable voltage of the batteries if upgraded, the batteries produce more power when it is required, and are much more efficient at producing vapor. If you are a huge fan of drip based e-cigarettes, then the EGO-ProTank is a good choice for you.

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There are many other variants of EGO eCigarettes, and regular models on the market, which cater to other tastes and preferences. For example, the 901 and Mini e-Cig look just like a real cigarette, so it is perfect for traditionalists who do not like the look of more modern vaping tools.

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