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EGO Electronic Cigarettes

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Top Of The Line eCig Value

EGO Electronic Cigarettes are the most popular line of e-Cig models to ever hit the market. These models are responsible for helping thousands of people swicth from smoking tobacco to Vaping. They are designed after the 510 e-Cigarette, equiped with a button for better vapor production control. Both the 510 and EGO Series use the same threading system so batteries and atomizers are interchangeable.

Our brand assembles all our products in house to offer the highest quality assurance possible. Being an e-Cig manufacturer for many years, we have very highly skilled staff to produce the finest eCigarettes available. In addition, hardware(Batteries, Chargers, etc) is warrantied for 6 months for piece of mind. Choose from the many variations, whether it's an EGO-T, EGO-C, CE4, CE5, CE6, or the Mini Protanks there is something for everyone.

EGO Electronic Cigarettes

What makes the EGO line special?

The entire series is equipped with long lasting, extremely powerful batteries that feature an ON/OFF switch with a lock. These batteries are some of the most powerful available today, delivering more than 800 puffs a charge. That's about the same as three or four packs of tobacco cigs. The vapor produced is thick, rich and satisfying.

The eGo-C, 4/5 and ProTanks are the newest members of EGO Electronic Cigarettes line-up. They provide tremendous performance, and without the problems of flavor lag, e liquid leaks, and cartridge refilling hassles that have plagued others in the past. Many people eagerly awaited the release of the EGO-Changeable e-Cigs, and when it finally came out and was delivered to eager customers, none were disappointed. These all new, e-liquid storing mods make vaping a sheer pleasure.

With the new tank storing method, you just fill your Clearomizer or Glassomizer with e-Liquid and Vape away. When you want to change flavors, you can either poor the old liquid back into bottle or wait until it's used, refill and and enjoy. No more flavor lag, cartridge cleaning, burnt atomizer taste or leaking e liquid, and the price is very affordable.

Using disposable cartridges was a lot more hygienic and they do not produce as much Vapor as a mod that drips e-juice direct onto atomizing coil. With e-cigs that store the e-liquid there is much less hassle and maintenance required and will increase overall experience.

The EGO battery is another big plus. It is safety protected with integrated lithium cells, and it has an LED indicator that lets you know when it needs a charge and when it is fully charged. It also does double duty as the ON/OFF switch. The battery has a longer life than any other on the market today.

Are EGO Electronic Cigarettes good value?

Another great thing about the all new EGO e-Cigs is that they are very affordable. A starter kit offers real value and includes two batteries, two atomizer heads(or 5 coils) and bases, five tank cartridges and five cases along with charging equipment all for under a hundred dollars. With their all new, super-powerful, long lived battery, cutting edge design and technology, fantastic performance and throat hit and tremendous value, EGO's get top ratings from all the major e cig review websites. It is definitely an innovation in the world of vaping. Why not give an EGO a try? These are long lasting, top value kits that you are sure to enjoy.