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EGO-CE5 e-Cigarette

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e-Liquid Flavor
Battery Upgrade

The EGO-CE5 e-Cig is a mod of the CE4, with longer wicks and the parts are all replaceable. So you can change just the coils instead of entire Clearo. For convenience tank holds 1.6ml of liquid at one time. This little device creates a nice Vapor and is the best introductory to the new generation of eCigs. Click here for the MEGA Kit Version

*1 Tank Tube *1 EGO-CE5 Cartomizer Base *5 EGO-CE5 Clearomizer Coils *1 Tip *2 EGO Batteries (650mAh) *1 AC-USB adapter *1 EGO USB Charger *1 10ml e-liquid

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Product Details

Charge time
2-2.5 hours
1 Cartridge = 28 tobacco cigarettes
All EGO Batteries
Fully charged battery life
800 mouthfuls
Puffs per Cartridge
400 mouthfuls
e-Liquid per Cartridge
128mm (w/ tip)
Package dimension
Normal Voltage
Content of battery
650 mAh
180 days | 6 months (Hardware Only)
350 g

How To Use EGO-CE5 eCigarettes

About the CE5 eCigs:

The CE5 Clearomizer is designed to work with any 510|EGO threaded battery. Representing a new generation of the EGO line, this e-Cig comes with a 1.6 mL transparent Tank and produces heavy vapor without any leaking. It's also modular, meaning you can disassemble and clean the atomizer, coil and wick to keep your electronic cigarette working like new.

The set is designed to fit perfectly on your battery with a stylish, finished look. It's also easy to refill - just remove the tip, drop in some e-liquid and reattach. Done!

You can track your nicotine intake with the handy gauge. The extra-long wick gives a consistent flow to the coil in any position resulting in nice Vapor. The capacity of the 650mAh batteries means that an average user can easily get 6 to 8 hours of use between charges, and the 1100 mAh MEGA batteries can deliver over 14 hours of use. Of course this depends on if you are using a standard or V.V. or USB or LCD version.

How to change EGO-CE5 Atomizer Coil Head

To change the coil head on your CE5 electronic cigarette simply unscrew the cartomizer tube from the base (figure 1). Then unscrew the coil head from the top of the base assembly (figure 2) and replace with a new coil head (figure 3). Reattach the cartomizer tube (figure 4) and you're done!

  • Figure 1

    CE5 e-cigarette
  • Figure 2

    CE 5 e-cig
  • Figure 3

    ego-ce5 ecigs
  • Figure 4

    How the EGO Series CE5 Works

How to fill your EGO CE5 Cartomizer/Clearomizer with e-Liquid:

Open a bottle of e-liquid by cutting the nozzle tip off (figure 5), then unscrew the cartomizer tip from the cartomizer tube (figure 6). Using either the e-liquid bottle or a syringe, carefully fill the cartomizer by dropping liquid down the side wall. Be sure not to drop any down the center vent hole (figure 7). Finally, screw the cartomizer tip back into the tube, being careful not to over tighten (figure 8).

Remember, your e-cigarette only works when you press the LED button. You should always press the button and inhale at the same time.

  • Figure 5

    How to use the EGO-CE5
  • Figure 6

    EGO-CE5 Guide
  • Figure 7

    EGO-CE5 user manual
  • Figure 8

    Vape the EGO-CE5

Charging any EGO Series Battery:

To charge the battery, screw it into the USB charger (figure 9) and connect the charger to your computer or the AC-USB adapter (figure 10).

It's important that the first time you charge your EGO battery that you adhere to the following procedure:

  • Charge the battery for 8 hours even if the indicator light turns green.
  • Use the e-cigarette for 20 minutes.
  • Charge the battery for another hour.

After that your battery is ready for normal use. Note: you should always charge your eGo battery for 3 hours, even if the indicator light turns green.

  • Figure 9

    Charging the EGO-CE5 Battery
  • Figure 10

    EGO-CE5 Charger

EGO-CE5 How to Video

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  • E-Juice (Highly Recommend)
  • EGO Vape Tray
  • 7800mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery Pack (Mobile Power)
  • LCD Variable Voltage Batteries
  • Extra Coil Heads, and bases
  • EGO Case
  • Extra Clearomizers


The EGO-CE5 electronic cigarette model is a top loading coil system. It has long wicks that effectively absorb the eLiquid and carry it to the coil. It has a small capacity eLiquid tank that holds 1.6 milliliters, which means that it is a very convenient device. With this new generation of e-cigs, you get a great vapor. The EGO-CE5 is an amazing electronic cigarette if you are looking for an awesome vaping experience that is inexpensive to operate. It produces a great vapor with excellent flavor. It is no surprise that the EGO-CE5 is one of the bestselling electronic cigarettes on the market.

With the EGO-CE5 electronic cigarette, you will get the equivalent of twenty-eight regular cigarettes. When the battery of your EGO-CE5 is completely charged, you should be able to enjoy as much as eight hundred mouthfuls. Each cartridge will give you about four hundred puffs. The length of the EGO-CE5 with the tip measures 128 millimeters and it has a diameter of 14 millimeters. This model only weighs 350 grams.

Similar yet Unique, EGO-CE5

The EGO-CE5 model is practically the same as the CE6 model, except the tank is smaller on this model. In addition, the tip of the eGo-CE5 is smaller than that of the CE6 model. All of the CE5 and CE6 parts with the exception of the tips are exchangeable.

It is a mod of the CE4 model e-cig, which means the two are exactly the same. However, on the eGo-CE5 model, the parts are easy to exchange when necessary. You do not have to worry about replacing the entire Clearomizer every time the coil wears out on the eGo-CE5 model. With replaceable coils, this model is very inexpensive to use. In addition, all of the eGo batteries will fit the eGo-CE5 model. The container is translucent, which means you will be able to see the exact amount of eLiquid that you have left and when it is time to refill the cartridge. If you are interested in a clearomizer that has a replaceable coil, the eGo-CE5 is the best option. While the CE4 model and the eGo-CE5 have a lot in common, the EGO-CE5 has some additional features that any vaper can appreciate.

The EGO-CE5 Gives A Pleasurable Vaping Experience

When you vape with the EGO-CE5 electronic cigarette, you get one of the most pleasurable experiences that an e-cig has to offer. First of all, you get to choose from a wide variety of flashy colors, which include blue, green, red, yellow, pink, purple, black, white and stainless steel.

If being able to choose your favorite color is not enough, you also have an enormous range of delicious flavors available to you. You can choose regular cigarette flavors like menthol, blended tobacco, regular tobacco and flue cured tobacco. Perhaps you prefer the fruitier flavor varieties like blueberry, cherry, grape, peach or pineapple. There are flavors for everyone, even if your taste is a bit more exotic like coffee, champagne or chocolate.

You can also choose the strength of your eLiquid. If you want something light, go with 0 milligrams or for the strongest hit, go with 36 milligrams. While the EGO-CE5 model is best suited for heavy smokers, it provides an excellent experience for everyone that tries it.

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Average rating:

(based upon 3 reviews)


We both love our CE5 and how there is less to replace when needing to, just the atomizer heads and back to vaping. make sure you clean the threads just like that robot said in the video lol

Thanks for the help

This model is my favorite so far. I'm very happy with this e-cigarette and thankful for help in quitting smoking cigarettes. Thanks guys!

Super Awesome e-Cigarette!!!

Me, My Brother, my sister and a ton of my friends used this model from unlimited ecigs. I recently upgraded to the CE6 and also love that eCig. Next model to try is the ProTanks :-)