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EGO-W e-Cigarette

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e-Liquid Flavor
Battery Upgrade

The EGO-W eCig is very durable and is designed to resemble a Pen for an elegant look. It comes with a Cartomizer tank that holds 2ml of e-Liquid. No Leaks. Cartomizer is refillable eliminating the need to buy Cartridges + atomizers as Cartomizer is both. A great model for any. Be sure to include a empty needle nose bottle for filling. Click here for the MEGA Kit Version

*1 EGO-W Clear Cartomizer *2 EGO Batteries (650mAh) *1 EGO-W Pen Cap *1 EGO-W Cartomizer Shell *1 Universal AC/USB Adapter *1 EGO USB Charger *1 e-Liquid Injector 2.5ml *1 EC112 Cartridge tip *1 10ml e-Liquid

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Product Details

Charge time
2-2.5 hours
1 Full Cartomizer = 35 tobacco cigarettes
Uses EC112 tips. Batteries fit All EGO mods
Fully charged battery life
800 mouthfuls
Puffs per Cartridge
500 mouthfuls
e-Liquid per Cartridge
144mm (w/ pen cap)
Package dimension
Normal Voltage
Content of battery
650 mAh
180 days | 6 months (Hardware Only)
350 g

How To Use EGO-W e-Cigarettes

About the EGO-W F1 Electronic Cigarette:

With no burning smell, no leakage and a high capacity 2mL transparent cartomizer (Clearomizer), the EGO-W e-cigarette is a great addition to the EGO Series. The stylish pen-style design allows you to easily carry the e-cigarette in your shirt pocket and the large capacity battery lets you go all day without recharging. In fact, the average user can get 6 to 8 hours of use from a fully charged EGO 650mAh battery, while the massive 1100mAh MEGA battery delivers 14 hours of use!

The large 2 mL cartridges last about 500 puffs and the EGO-W has a clear window to see the liquid inside. It even has an air valve to control vapour production.

Unscrew the pen cap from the cartomizer shell (figure 1) and thread the battery into the cartomizer (figure 2). Remove the cartomizer shell to reveal the CE3 giantomizer clear cartomizer (figure 3). Open your e-liquid bottle by cutting the nozzle tip off and fill your syringe(Or our Needle nose e-Liquid Bottle) as shown in figure 4. Carefully inject the e-liquid into the small side hole (note: not the centre) of the clear cartomizer (figure 5). Reattach the cartomizer shell as shown in figure 6 and you're ready to enjoy!

Note: The e-cigarette is only activated when you press the LED button. In order to get a Vapor puff, you must press the LED button and puff at the same time.

  • Figure 1

  • Figure 2

    EGO-W e Cig use e-Liquid
  • Figure 3

    Refilling EGO-W eCigs
  • Figure 4

    EGO-W Electronic Cigarette
  • Figure 5

    EGO-W eCigarettes need maintenance
  • Figure 6

    Using your EGO-W e-cigarette

Charging EGO-W Batteries:

To charge the battery, screw it into the USB charger and connect the charger to your computer or the AC-USB adapter (figure 7).

It's important that the first time you charge your EGO-W battery that you adhere to the following procedure:

  • Charge the battery for 8 hours even if the indicator light turns green.
  • Use the e-cigarette for 20 minutes.
  • Charge the battery for another hour.

After that your battery is ready for normal use. Note: you should always charge your EGO-W battery for 3 hours, even if the indicator light turns green.

Figure 7


Cleaning The EGO-W e-Cig Cartomizer

After a period of use your cartomizer may need cleaned. To do so, simply fill a syringe with alcohol and/or water instead of e-liquid and fill your cartomizer about 80% full. Leave the alcohol in the cartomizer for 24 hours. Remember DO NOT use your e-cigarette while filled with alcohol! Insert an empty syringe into the cartomizer and draw the used alcohol out, then clean your syringe and refill your cartomizer with regular e-liquid. Your electronic cigarette is now cleaned and ready for use!

EGO-W How-To Video

Popular EGO-W addons for your order:

  • E-Juice
  • USB or Variable Voltage Battery
  • EGO USB Charger
  • 2 in 1 Car Charger for charging on the go
  • Universal AC-USB Adapter
  • EGO Case
  • Extra Clear Cartomizers
  • EC112 Plastic tips
  • EGO-W Cartomizer Shell
  • Extra Batteries
  • Empty neddle E-liquid bottles


The EGO-W is an eGo model electronic cigarette that uses a Clearomizer system that combines the atomizing coil, the cartridge and the eLiquid storage in a single unit. Designed to resemble an elegant pen, this is one of the most durable e- cigarette models and produces a very good vapor.

This e-cig model is available in three different colors, which are stainless steel, black and white. You can choose from a huge variety of eLiquid flavors and nicotine strengths. The refillable cartomizer tank will hold two millimeters of eLiquid. The eGo-W is an ideal electronic cigarette model for anyone interested in vaping.

Simple Vaping Pleasure with EGO-W

The EGO-W model uses EC112 tips and the same battery as practically all the other eGo electronic cigarettes. It is a small battery with a cigar shape that has a raised 510 connection. It is able to support virtually any cartomizer and atomizer that you choose. The 650mAh battery only takes roughly two to two and half hours to charge.

The thing that sets the eGo-W model apart from all of the other electronic cigarette models is the clear cartridge, which is known as the Clearomizer. In order to fill the EGO-W cartridge, all you have to do is stick the needle-tip bottle down into the filling hole and give it a squeeze. Holding two milliliters of eLiquid, the EGO-W holds about twice as much as the standard cartomizer that comes already filled.

One full cartomizer will give you about the equivalent of thirty-five cigarettes. With a fully charged battery, you should get about eight hundred mouthfuls with five hundred puffs per cartridge. With the pen cap on it, the EGO-W measures 144 millimeters in length and 14 millimeters in diameter. With the elegant design of a pen, the EGO-W model only weighs 350 grams.

EGO-W gives Performance That Will Impress

As soon as you open the package, you will be impressed with the EGO-W electronic cigarette. The pen cap, cartomizer shell and battery all have a nice satin feel to them. When you assemble the e-cig, you will appreciate just how small and light it really is like a pen.

The EGO-W produces a nice strong flavor that you do not always get with low voltage devices. Once you fill the cartridge and take a puff, you will be pleased that the EGO-W does not have any problems with harsh vapor, poorly fed eLiquid or dry hits. You will get a pleasant, flavorful vapor cloud the very first time you fill the eGo-W cartridge.

The thing that is most impressive about the EGO-W electronic cigarette is the unusual quality of the vapor that it produces. Even though it is rather cool and has a low throat hit, you still get a vapor that is full of flavor. You get the same amount of flavor that you get from other models, but without any of the heat. Therefore, the EGO-W e-cigarette model is the perfect choice for any vaper that is looking for an extremely mild vapor that does not compromise any of the flavor.

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Average rating:

(based upon one review)

EGO-W & G-Pen in one :)

This is a great product for holding lots of juice for the day! I recommend this to anyone who wants a great Vape! Others sell this for medicinal herb oils for $100+ GREAT DEAL!