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eSmart 510 E-Cigarette

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e-Liquid Flavor

The eSmart 510 e-Cig is a mod using 510 threading. If the normal 510 model is too small, and the EGO eCigs too large, the eSmart fits just right in your hand. This model uses a 320mAh Battery and a skinny Clearomizer that holds 1.3ml e-Juice. The easy two piece design makes it another great model for beginners. See Updated BCC Kit.

KIT INLCUDES: *2 eSmart Tips *2 eSmart Batteries, *2 eSmart (1.3ml) Clearomizers, *1 AC-USB adapter, *1 eSmart USB Charger, *1 bottle e-Liquid/e-Juice 10ml

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Product Details

Charge time
Approx 2 Hours
Content of battery
320 mAh
Package dimension
Length with Tip
e-Liquid per Cartridge
Puffs per Cartridge
Fully charged battery life
450 Mouthfuls
Uses 510|EGO threading, so is interchnageable
Full Clearomizer = 20 Tobacco Cigarettes
180 days | 6 Months (3 months on Clearomizer)
260 g

How To Use The eSmart eCigarette

Instructions for using and maintaining your new E-Smart Mini eGo CE4 Clearomizer e-cig, including how to refill it with e-liquid and how to charge the batteries.

The E-Smart is an elegant, lightweight e-cig that is one of the tiniest on the market. It's smaller than the eGo Clearomizer series and has an innovative marked scale on the transparent tank tube.

Charging the eSmart Battery

Simply attach the battery to the USB charger, and then plug it into any USB port to charge. You will notice the light turns from green to red. Red means it's charging. For a full charge, leave charging for approx 2 hours, even if the light turns green. This will give you a complete charge.

Charging the e-smart Battery

Filling the E-Smart Clearomizer with e-liquid:

  1. Remove the lid from the bottle and cut the tip off of the nozzle

  2. Filling the eSmart with e-Liquid

  3. Remove the Tip from the Clearomizer with your fingers by unscrewing

  4. How to use esmart e-cigarette

  5. With your Bottle of e-Liquid, pour juice down in the tank, down thje side wall. Fill to last line on the clearomizer scale * Caution - don't get e-liquid in the center hole or air flow will be impeded.

  6. e-smart

  7. Re-attach the clearomizer tip by screwing back on. Remember, only finger tight

  8. esmart
    * Be sure to add e-liquid slowly. If you overfill your e-cig, liquid may leak into the venting hole.

Using your E-Smart

  1. ON/OFF: All Batteries come with an on/off swicth. To turn battery Off, sinmply press the button 5 times repeatedly. The LED light will flash signaling the battery is off. To turn the battery back on again, it is the same 5 repititious clicks of the button to turn on. It is best to turn teh battery off when not in use to conserve battery.
  2. USING: To activate the device, press the button and puff at the same time. For best results, take a long slow puff from the e-cig to allow Vapor to collect before inhaling. Play around with the puffing/vapor production and find what works best for you.
  3. Attach the filled Clearomizer to the battery. Now you are ready to swicth to eCigs!
  4. e-Smart battery

E-Smart Benefits

  1. It's easy to refill with e-Liquid. Just remove the tip, pour e-Liquid into the tank, and then re-attach and Vape away!
  2. It's tiny! With a diameter of only 11mm, it looks slim and elegant, and is much smaller than the EGO series eCigs.
  3. The scale on the clearomizer allows you to view your intake of e-liquid with nicotine.
  4. Longer wicks allow for a more consistent and better flow of e-juice to the coil resulting in better vapes.
  5. Does not leak and hardware comes with 6 month warranty.

E-Smart How-To Video

All Starter Kits Include:

  • 10ml of E-liquid
  • 2 E-Smart (320mAh) Batteries
  • 2 eSmart Clearomizers (To make 2 Full eCigs)
  • 1 AC-USB adapter
  • 1 USB charger
  • 2 tips

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The e-Smart electronic cigarette is a mod of the eGo with the 510 threading series. For vapers who feel that the eGo is just too large and the regular 510 is just too small, the e-Smart will be just the right fit. This model of eCig uses as slim clearomizer that will hold 1.3mL of your favorite eJuice and a 320mAh battery.

The e-Smart e-cigarette features a two piece design that is perfect for beginning vapers. This new eCig model is just like the eGo-CE4, but it is conveniently smaller in the hand than the eGo models, yet slightly larger than the 510 eCig.

A Perfect Fit

Some vapers like the style of the electronic cigarettes like the 510, but want something with a longer battery life. On the other hand, they do not like the feel of the eGo styles that provide the extended battery life. That is the reason that the e-Smart is so perfect, it feels like a cigarillo in the hand. You get the similarity of a real cigarette with a more satisfactory battery life.

While the primary difference with the e-Smart electronic cigarette is the size, they also have a screw on mouthpiece with a round tip design. The older eCig styles had a slip on mouthpiece, but the new one has a threaded mouthpiece and a gasket that helps to seal off the eLiquid. This innovative mouthpiece with a metal screw connection is an excellent feature and works to stop the leaking of eLiquid completely. The e-Smart e-cigarette is simple a nice, heavy-duty device.

The threading on the e-Smart battery is the same as on the eGo and the 510 models. This means that the parts are interchangeable. Depending on how you like to vape, you should get about three to four hours of vaping time before you have to charge the e-Smart battery. In addition, the e-Smart battery also features short circuit protection, battery overcharge protection and a five-click on/off switch.

The eGo cigarette case will work well with the e-Smart model as well. You will have enough room in this convenient case to bring along your favorite eLiquid, your batteries, your USB charger, extra coils or cartridges and your eSmart electronic cigarette. This is a great way to protect your device and accessories.

The e-Smart works better, holds more eLiquid and provides a strong vapor than the older model electronic cigarettes. The e-Smart features a good tank and a great atomizer, which enhances helps you get the best flavor from your favorite eJuice.

You can expect to get around four hundred puffs before refilling and a full day of vaping before you have to charge the battery. The overall experience that you get with this model is much nicer than with other clearomizers currently available on the market. Whether you are a newcomer to vaping and you are looking of a great entry level electronic cigarette or you are just looking to improve your vaping experience, you are going to love the new e-Smart model.

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Average rating:

(based upon 3 reviews)


I am very happy right now.. :D <---- See a HUGE SMILE. Great taste, Function and ease of use. Perfect!


Always coming out with cool new ecigs and a reasonable price I will have to try this :D


I just bought this and i'm really looking forward to it! the baby bro of the CE4!