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MEGA 510 E-Cigarette Kit

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e-Liquid Flavor

The MEGA e-Cigarette 510 (MEGA 510) is a modded version of standard 510. The MEGA-510 batteries are longer and Atomizer larger. Drip e-Liquid for best results. For How-To Guide on 510 eCigs, Click Here

KIT INCLUDES: *1 MEGA 510|EGO Atomizer *2 MEGA 510 Batteries *1 AC/DC Charger *1 Power Cord *5 pc/pack MEGA 510|EGO Pre-filled Cartridges

Product Properties More Details

Product Details

Charge time
2-2.5 hours
Device Weight
20g (w/ battery)
1 Cartridge = 25 tobacco cigarettes
Package dimension
Normal Voltage
Puffs per Cartridge
270 mouthfuls
e-Liquid per Cartridge
151mm (w/ cartridge)
Fully charged battery life
250 mouthfuls
JOYE 510/ BE510/ TITAN 510/ TECC 510
Content of battery
280 mAh
180 days | 6 months (Hardware Only)
310 g

MEGA 510

The MEGA 510 electronic cigarette is a modded version of the original 510 ecig. This model features a MEGA 510 battery, which is longer and a larger atomizer. You will get the best results using the MEGA 510 e-cigarette with drip eLiquid.

The MEGA 510 comes with an automatic battery that features a five-second cutoff to prevent overheating the atomizer. While some people may prefer the manual electronic cigarettes that have a button that makes it possible to control their experience. However, many enjoy the ability to just sit back and puff away with the automatic ecigs. The MEGA 510 with the automatic battery is especially good for the beginning vaper.

The MEGA 510 electronic cigarette is somewhat longer than a standard electronic cigarette. In fact, the battery alone is close to the same size as both the atomizer and the battery of other smaller ecig versions. It is definitely not one of the devices that will provide the look of a traditional cigarette. However, the device is thin and will still offer you the cigarette feel that many vapers prefer.

Why Choose the MEGA 510?

The greatest benefit that you get with the MEGA 510 electronic cigarette is the longer battery life. With the smaller batteries, you can only expect to get two to three hours of battery life in between charges at the most. On the contrary, with the MEGA 510 battery, you will get an average of four to four and a half hours of battery life in between charging.

That means with only two MEGA 510 batteries, you will have all that you need to make it through a day at work. Whereas with the smaller batteries, you will need more like four fully charged batteries to make it through an average day of vaping.

Some people may be turned off by length of the MEGA 510. However, the quality of the vaping experience cannot be denied. The weight is evenly distributed and comfortable to hold.

The MEGA 510 can be charged with the standard 510 charger, the USB charger and anything with a 510 thread on it. If you want more power, more battery life than you get with the standard 510 electronic cigarette, the MEGA 510 is the device for you.

The MEGA 510 ecig is available is a choice of three different colors, which includes black, white and stainless steel. The MEGA 510 starter kit comes complete with one MEGA 510/eGo atomizer, two MEGA 510 batteries, one AC/DC charger, one power cord and one five-pack of the MEGA 510/eGo pre-filled cartridges.

If you are medium smoker and you are looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, you should definitely give the MEGA 510 a try. The width of the device will provide you with the comfort and feel of a standard cigarette, but the larger battery and larger atomizer will provide you with much longer periods of vaping before you have to put the device on to charge. Choose from a wide variety of delicious eLiquid flavors and get vaping today.

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    Average rating:

    (based upon one review)

    Nice little puffer

    I like how small this one is. Looks like the real thing!