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MEGA EGO-T e-Cigarette

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e-Liquid Flavor
Battery Upgrade

The MEGA EGO-T e-Cigarette is the same as EGO-T, only uses MEGA-EGO Batteries. Also comes with extra hardware. The Tank System Cartridge holds up-to 1.2ml e-Liquid & drips direct onto EGO-T Atomizer. No use of cotton material.

KIT INCLUDES: *2 EGO-T Atomizer *2 MEGA EGO Batteries (1100mAh ) *1 Universal AC/USB Adapter *1 EGO USB Charger *5 pc/pack EGO-T Pre-filled Cartridges *1 10ml e-Liquid

For How-To Guide See EGO-T Starter Kit Page.

Product Properties More Details

Product Details

Charge time
3-4 hours
Device Weight
43g (w/ cartridge)
1 Cartridge = 20 normal tobacco cigarettes
Package dimension
Normal Voltage
Puffs per Cartridge
300 mouthfuls
e-Liquid per Cartridge
164mm (w/ cartridge)
Fully charged battery life
1000 mouthfuls
Batteries fit All EGO mods
Content of battery
1100 mAh
180 days | 6 months (Hardware Only)
370 g


The MEGA EGO-T e-Cigarette is the same electronic cigarette as the eGo-T. However, the MEGA eGo-T model uses a MEGA-eGo battery. In addition, it also come with some extra hardware. The atomizers are larger than those of the standard 510 atomizer and provide a better eLiquid capacity.

The MEGA EGO-T builds on the foundation of the achievements of the eGo cigarette. The battery features a new function for conserving power, which is a major improvement. The tank system allows you to drip the eJuice right into the 1.2ML tank cartridge, without having to use any cotton tissue inside of the tank.

The revolutionary MEGA EGO-T with the 3.7 volt 1100mAh rechargeable battery makes it easier to drip and much less frustrating to use than other rechargeable electronic cigarettes currently available on the market. It is the ideal solutions for vaping without hassle all day long.

Easy to Use

It is easy to see the amount of eLiquid that you have left in the tank. In addition, it is simple to fill the tank as well. All you have to do to turn the battery on is press the button a few times. It is just as easy to turn the device off to prevent it from becoming activated while it is in your purse or pocket.

All you have to do is fill the tank with the eLiquid of your choice and press the illuminating button on the MEGA EGO-T battery. Then you are ready for the best vaping experience that you can imagine.

To get started with your new MEGA EGO-T, simple charge the battery. Plug the USB charger into the AC adapter and plug it into an outlet. You will see a red light that indicated that power is being supplied to the charger.

Take the MEGA EGO-T battery and screw it onto the charger. You will want to charge your battery for at least eight hours when your first get your MEGA eGo-T. You will have a green light on the USB charger when the battery is completely charged, otherwise the light will be red.

Once the battery has been fully charged, you are ready to move on the next step and attach the atomizer. Simply screw your MEGA EGO-T atomizer onto the battery.

The next thing that you want to do is take the cartridge and fill it with your favorite eLiquid. Then insert the cartridge into the atomizer. It will snap in and there should be no space between the atomizer and the cartridge when it is attached properly.

Now you are ready to turn the device on and inhale. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy vaping. The MEGA EGO-T electronic cigarette, which is one of the highest quality and longest lasting e-cigs available, is the ideal model for medium smokers who are looking for the best production of vapor. The larger battery provides you with a long usage time in between charges and this model is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the model that suits your personality.


Average rating:

(based upon one review)

Classic EGO-T

I used this model for over 1 year. It was a good one. My only issue was having to replace the rubber caps every-time you refill the cartridges. If I didn't they would start to leak. Other then that, it's a good ego cig.