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Pen-Tank e-Cigarette (EC 112-T)

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e-Liquid Flavor
The Pen-Tank e-Cigarette is a first mod for the Pen Style e-Cig. Design same as other Tank models. Specially designed for dripping e-juice direct onto atomizer.

KIT INCLUDES: *1 EC112-T Atomizer *2 EC112 Batteries *1 AC/DC Charger *1 Power Cord *5pc/pack EC112-T Pre-filled Cartridges *1 10ml e-Liquid

Product Properties How-To Guide

Product Details

Charge time
2-2.5 hours
Device Weight
12g (w/o battery) 24g (w/ battery)
1 Cartridge = 25 tobacco cigarettes
Package dimension
Normal Voltage
Puffs per Cartridge
250 mouthfuls
e-Liquid per Cartridge
120mm (w/o cartridge) 145mm (w/ cartridge)
Fully charged battery life
300 mouthfuls
DSE801-T/ BE112-T/ Only fits EC112-Tank & EGO-Tank Cartridges
Content of battery
320 mAh
180 days | 6 months (Hardware Only)
340 g

How To Use The Pen-Tank e-Cigarette

This e-Cigarettes mod uses a tank system that builds on the EC112, delivering more liquid capacity and easier filling using a new cartridge that doesn't contain traditional tissue absorbent. Intead it has a storage tank which drips e-Juice direct onto the atomizer coil creating a good Vapor.

To begin using your new e-cigarette, thread the atomizer and battery together (figure 1), then remove an EC112-T cartridge from the packaging (remember that the EC112-T and eGo-T use the same tank cartridge). Remove the rubber cover, then the plastic cover from the cartridge (figure 2). Open a bottle of e-liquid by cutting the nozzle tip off and carefully drip liquid into the cartridge until full (figure 3). Reinstall the cover, then screw down the old inhaler and insert the filled cartridge into the atomizer (figure 4).

Note: The EC112-T is only activated when you press the LED button. You should always press the LED button and inhale at the same time.

  • Figure 1

    How to Use Pen-Tank
  • Figure 2

    refilling tank cartridges with e-Juice
  • Figure 3

    Using the Pen-Tank eCig
  • Figure 4

    Pen-T e-Cigarette Instructions

Charging the Pen Style Battery

All you need to do is carefully thread the battery into the charger (figure 5). The indicator light on the charger will turn from green to red to show you it's charging, then turn green again once charging is complete (usually in 2 to 3 hours). The charger works with all North American and European household voltages (100 to 240V, 50/60Hz).

Figure 5

Charge Pen Style eCigs

Pen-Tank How-To Video

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