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E-Cig Accessories

These days, electronic cigarettes are designed to be used for an extended amount of time and are incredibly customizable. For this reason, the right e-cig accessories are a necessity to get the most out of your vaping experience. Most of the essential accessories are available for all types of e-cigarettes at a convenient price.

Whether you have already purchased your electronic cigarette or you are just getting started, you will definitely want to consider investing in a few premium accessories.

Carrying Case

A carrying case for your electronic cigarette will in general accommodate batteries as well as a couple of flavored cartridges or E-Liquid bottles. Depending on the size of case that you purchase, you can keep it in your pocket or bag.

Mini carrying cases are also available for day to day use. Cases come in a wide variety of colors and materials.


The inhaled solution when you vape is contained in the electronic cigarette cartridge. These cartridges use an absorbent that holds the e-Liquid. Once the eJuice has dried out, you can replace the cartridge completely, or simply refill with one that is pre-filled. Drip-Tips are just a tip with a larger hole that goes direct to atomizer. Just drip 2-3 drops of e-Juice direct onto atomizer for best vapor production.

Mobile Battery Pack

The Mobile Battery pack is just that, Mobile Power. This gives you a large 7800 mAh portable battery that has USB ports to charge any electronic device on the fly. If used with a Passthrough battery, this would become your battery. Can charge cell phones, tablets, and eCigs. This product is great for anyone who is always on the go. Not just eCig users.

Personal Charging Case

Also referred to often as a PCC, a personal charging case is battery powered. It is a case for your eCigs and also acts like a portable charger to charge your batteries. Carrying around your PCC is a lot like carrying around a traditional pack of cigarettes. However, this case will also accommodate your atomizers and cartridges, so you will have everything that you need to vape in the palm of your hand.

Rubber Tips

If you plan to share your electronic cigarettes with other vapers, you will want to invest in rubber tips. By switching out the rubber tip, you can be sure that sharing your e-cigs is done in the most sanitary manner. In addition, you may want to keep a couple extra tips so you can switch if the one that you are using becomes worn or dirty.

USB Pass-Through Batteries

When you have a USB pass-through, you have the ability to charge your battery and continue vaping by running your electronic cigarette off of a USB power supply. This is the perfect solution if you are going to be sitting at your computer for long hours. All you have to do is simply plug your pass-through into the USB port and you are good to go.

As an e-cig user, you want as many options as possible to enhance your experience. Fortunately, that is exactly what you get with all of the awesome e-cig accessories available on the current market.

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