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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

E-Cig Kits

With the money that you save combined with the vaping experience itself, it is practically impossible to find something that you do not like about electronic cigarettes. However, when you are just getting started with the soothing and incredibly satisfying sensation of vaping, it can get a little overwhelming with all of the different products and accessories that are out there on the market.

Oh the Possibilities

For this reason, we the electronic cigarette manufacturers have done all of the work for you by putting together some great e-cig kits. These kits have almost everything that you need to get the most out of your electronic cigarette experience. A wide variety of e-cig kits are available to meet the needs of both beginners as well as advanced users. In addition, these kits come is a variety of styles so it is easy to find one that best suits you and the way you vape.

Typically, an e-cig kit will include atomizers, cartomizers or Clearomizers that vaporize the eLiquid, batteries, about a one to two week supply of eJuice as well as the necessary charging accessories. You have a number of different choices when shopping, depending on if you are looking to spend a few dollars or a few hundred dollars.

With such a wide price range, you can expect a nice variation of products. There are a number of different e-cig types. The differences are in the design elements and the accessories that are included in each kit. The most popular e-Cigarettes in the industry right now are the EGO Electronic Cigarettes.

Must-Have E-Cig Kit Items

At the very least, you want a kit that includes a good rechargeable battery. For a few extra dollars, you should be able to get a kit that includes two batteries or some additional accessories. It is important to note that the smaller e-cig batteries will not give you as many puffs as the larger ones will before requiring a recharge.

Another great item that many kits include is a USB charger. With this charger, you can charge your electronic cigarette battery anywhere you have access to a USB power supply, such as a laptop, computer, television or most of the newer model automobiles. A USB charger is small and most e-cig batteries accept this type of power, in some cases, it will be the only charging accessory included in the kit.

Many of the kits today include refill cartridges known as cartomizers. These items contain both the heating coil and the eLiquid that it vaporizes. Once the eLiquid in your cartomizer is used up, you just toss it in the trash and get a new one. Some of these cartomizers are equivalent to two packs of traditional ultralight cigarettes or one pack of full strength cigarettes. The more cartomizers that your kit includes the better, but three to five is a good start.

In some kits, instead of a box of cartomizers, you will get an atomizer and a number of tanks, either full or empty. The atomizer is only a semi-permanent item and you will need to purchase another one in a couple of months.

As previously mentioned, a wide range of e-cig kits are available. While these are the items you can expect to find in the most basic kits, some kits also include wall chargers, car chargers, USB pass-through, carrying cases and charging cases. With so many options, you are certain to find one that you like easily.

We produce over 25 e-Cigarette models that all have different features. There is and ecig type for everyone! Here is the featured starter kits.

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