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E-Cigarettes Victoria BC

Under a set of amendments to Victoria BC’s Clean Air Bylaw, smoking is on the verge of being banned in sports fields, public squares, playgrounds and parks as well as any part of a sidewalk that is within seven meters of an air intake, door or window. As a result, smokers will practically be limited to lighting up in their own cars and homes.

Smoking is already banned in British Columbia at indoor public spaces and workplaces. These new laws are aimed at the concerns of non-smokers who do not want to come in contact with secondhand smoke. The interests of the smokers are simply being overlooked.

Around ten percent of the population of Victoria has an addiction to nicotine. Therefore, there is a major need for a way for these people to manage their addiction wherever they go.

A Smoke-Free Alternative

E-Cigarettes Victoria BC

Many smokers in Victoria BC are upgrading from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Vapers can enjoy puffing on e-cigarettes and exhaling the white vapor cloud in complete comfort. By making the switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, smokers can expect spending up-to 10 times less money, do not have to go outside or stand a specific distance from a doorway to get their desired dose of nicotine.

Currently, electronic cigarettes are not regulated under legislations in Canada because they do not contain any tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices with refillable liquid cartridges. Smokers have the opportunity to buy e-Liquid that contains various levels of nicotine, or even no nicotine at all.

The available variety of flavors is a major contributor to the allure of e-cigarettes in Victoria BC. E-Liquid is available in a wide assortment of flavors, such as Watermelon, Coffee, Mango, Peach, Cola, Grape and so much more. However, even with hundreds of flavor options available, tobacco Flavors remain the most preferred for smokers looking to switch.

In Canada, the use of nicotine has not yet been approved in electronic cigarettes by Health Canada. Even though Health Canada has an advisory warning smokers not to use e-cigarettes because nicotine is addictive, many smokers are finding them to be effective in helping them cut down, or switching 100% to Vaping and saying good-bye to smoking tobacco altogether.

Vaping works well for smokers because it provides them with the satisfying action of smoking. The actual habit of smoking has proven for many to be much harder to break than the addiction to nicotine. Electronic cigarettes provide the smoking action that no other cessation solution is able to mimic.

Of course, many vapers recognize that vaping may not be as healthy as not smoking anything at all. However, they also know that it is much healthier than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. The fact is that other forms of nicotine replacement therapy have a high rate of failure. Therefore, if sprays and patches are not effective, using electronic cigarettes is by far a better option than returning to smoking tobacco.