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Why use eCigs?

  • Less Money

    Up-To 10x Less $$$ then Tobacco

  • No Tar

    There is No Smoke and No Tar

  • No Combustion

    E-Cigs do not use any Flame

  • Less Chemicals

    99.9% Less Chemicals

  • EGO-CE4 e-Cigarette

    EGO-CE4 e-Cigarette

    $37.79 USD

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    (based upon 8 reviews)

    ✔ In Stock

    The EGO-CE4 is helping thousands of people switch everyday. It's an easy to use eCigarette that only has the battery, and Clearomizer for parts. Just fill with e-Liquid and Vape. The tank holds equivalent to a pack of cigarettes in e-Juice. A great model for beginners. Click here for the MEGA Kit Version

    KIT INCLUDES: *1 EGO-CE4 Cartomizer *2 EGO Batteries *1 CE4 Tip *1 EGO USB Charger *1 Universal AC-USB Adapter *1 e-Liquid 10ml

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  • eSmart 510 E-Cigarette

    eSmart 510 E-Cigarette

    $35.20 USD

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    (based upon 3 reviews)

    ✔ In Stock

    The eSmart 510 e-Cig is a mod using 510 threading. If the normal 510 model is too small, and the EGO eCigs too large, the eSmart fits just right in your hand. This model uses a 320mAh Battery and a skinny Clearomizer that holds 1.3ml e-Juice. The easy two piece design makes it another great model for beginners. See Updated BCC Kit.

    KIT INLCUDES: *2 eSmart Tips *2 eSmart Batteries, *2 eSmart (1.3ml) Clearomizers, *1 AC-USB adapter, *1 eSmart USB Charger, *1 bottle e-Liquid/e-Juice 10ml

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  • Mini ProTank e-Cigarette (EGO-ProTank)

    Mini ProTank e-Cigarette (EGO-ProTank)

    $44.70 USD

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    (based upon 5 reviews)

    ✔ In Stock

    The Mini ProTank e-Cigarette is an innovating piece of hardware with the newest design in Clearomizers. The popular design uses Bottom Changeable Coils (BCC) that let gravity feed your atomizer with e-Liquid creating a consistent vape. This e-Cigarette is one of our best sellers. Try Now! Click here for the MEGA Kit Version

    KIT INLCUDES: *1 Mini ProTank Glass Tube + Tip *1 ProTank Base, *5 ProTank Coils, *2 EGO Batteries (650mAh), *1 AC-USB adapter, *1 EGO USB charger, *1 bottle e-Liquid 10ml

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If you are like most smokers, you are starting your search for the right e-Cigarette with significant research. Some people were a little skeptical about electronic cigarettes at first. Many people wondered if they actually worked, while others were curious about their effect on smoking cessation attempts.

In your journey to find the Best eCig, you are certain to learn that not all electronic cigarettes are created equal. Once you have acquired enough information about e-Cigarettes, you will be able to make a decision on the model that is right for you.

Many Electronic Cigarettes Use Comparable Products

A common misconception is that each eCig model is completely unique when it comes to manufacturing and development. While some eCig companies do their own development and research, most are purchasing from the same Chinese manufacturers.

Because electronic cigarettes are such a revolutionary product, there are hundreds trying to get a foothold on the market. It is important to choose your brand carefully and invest your money in the best product.

The EGO-ProTank features a bottom loading coil system that uses gravity to feed the liquid. It is made from all Pyrex glass and hard chromed metal. The system, known as the Glassomizer, means that this model required very minimal maintenance. Therefore, this model is the top choice for many vapers out there today.

Make Sure You Get Your Money’s Worth

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are trying to determine which e-Cigarette is right for you is that you do not want to go too cheap. Of course, you will find that there are several high quality models available for a reasonable price. However, you do not want to make price the defining factor for the one that you choose.

You want to invest in a top quality eCig that will not end up being a major headache to use. The eGo-CE4 is the best e-Cigarette for beginners because it produces a good vapor that will leave you feeling satisfied. The system is incredibly easy to use, since all you have to do is fill it with eLiquid and start vaping.

On the other hand, the CE5 is a mod from the CE4, except all of the parts are easily exchanged when necessary. You do not have to replace the entire Clearomizer when the coil wears out, which means that this model is much more affordable to use.

Choose Your Type of e-Cigarette

You have most likely noticed that there are many different types of electronic cigarettes available on the current market. You can choose large ones or small ones, ones that resemble traditional cigarettes and ones that could not be farther from the real thing. With such a variety of styles and sizes available, it can be difficult to decide on the one that is right for you.

The EC510 looks like a real cigarette and is the model that many people choose before moving on to the eGo models. However, the EC510 has a short battery life, required a high level of maintenance and does not provide as good puffs as some other models do.

The EC103 is another model that resembles a traditional tobacco cigarette, which is the reason that many new vapers choose this model. However, the EC103 uses outdated technology, is difficult to use, has a short battery life and is difficult to maintain.

The newly released eSmart electronic cigarette is modded from the CE4, but slightly smaller. It produces great vapor and is available in a wide variety of fun colors. Therefore, many e-Cigarette users are choosing this hip new model.

Once you choose the e-Cigarette that is best for you, you are ready to sit back and enjoy. Choose wisely and you will see just how great vaping can be.

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