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One of the most popular models available, this e-Cigarette produces Massive Vapor Clouds. Experience Vaping at its fullest and get the EGO-CE5 Today!

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Rechargeable EGO Batteries
  • 1 CE5 Clearomizer Set
  • 1 EGO USB Charger/Adapter
  • 1 10ml Bottle E-Liquid

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Where Do I Start?

If you're not sure where to start with E-Cigarettes, here are some easy to use kits with everything a beginner needs to try Vaping.

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Thank you so much for the mini e cig received today. I'm amazed at how similar the feeling of inhaling an e cig is to a real cigarette. Good works guys! :)

— Ruth McMurray

Why Unlimited eCigs?

Our Philosophy is e-Cigarettes (eCigs) were invented to offer a Cheaper, Smoke-Free Alternative for all tobacco Smokers. We are upholding that spirit of invention by offering High quality e-Cigs at affordable and lower costs. Go direct and have all your Vape products shipped direct from the manufacturer. This ensures fast delivery, high quality, great services and the lowest prices in the market.

We are an original e-Cig company and have been in the business, serving customers worldwide since 2009. When we started, we offered 2 models. Now there's over 27 models in our inventory, making it one of the most extensive catalogs on the web. We offer superior quality, affordable prices, 6 month warranty, and great customer service to help with any of your questions. Our experienced staff take pride in the advancement of e-Cigarette technology. All the products we sell undergo extensive testing and meet strict guidelines for production.

Our organization is proud to serve all your Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid needs and will continue to put our Customers as #1. Thank you!

Rechargable Battery

Our e-Cigarettes use Lithium-ion rechargeable Batteries. With one of the best energy densities, no memory effect, and minimal loss of charge when not in use, Li-ion batteries are most popular battery for portable electronics today. They are small yet offer a good power source, and perfect for e-Cigs.

Nicotine Cartridge

E-Liquid or e-Juice is what the electronic device turns into vapor, to resemble smoke. Basic Ingredients are water, choice of Vegetable Glycerine and/or Propylene Glycol, choice of with or without Nicotine, plus flavoring. Cartridges or Cartomizers all use e-Liquid to refill. For a complete list of E-Liquid Ingredients, please follow the link in our footer.

Atomizing Chamber

The e-Cig Atomizer is where the vapor is produced. It uses same technology as fog machines, creating a mist to resemble smoke. Our Atomizers come in 3 ohm resistance levels for either High Voltage Vpaing or just to replicate. Low resistance is best used with lower volts and will replicates high voltage vaping. High resistance is best used with a Varibale Volt/Wattage Battery with increased power to get best Vape.

Stylish Mouthpiece

Each model of e-Cigarette come with many different mouthpieces that suite every user needs, or personality. From drip-tips, Cartomizers, Tanks, and original mouthpieces you will find what you need. Tip: To increase overall e-Cig experience try "Drip Method" - Place 1-2 drops direct onto atomizer to increase vapor production.